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Berthoud Pass is one of the closest and most reliable zones to Denver. Subsequently one of the most popular zones in the entire state of Colorado. Home of the former Berthoud Pass Ski Area the backcountry access here starts from the pass at 11,300 feet and straddles both the East and West sides of the pass. Many of the former ski area runs make up the most accessible lines straight from the pass. There is tons of terrain to be found once you get away from the immediate vicinity of the pass and into Current Creek, Second Creek, First Creek, Zero Creek, Russell Basin, the No Name Drainage, the Stanley Drainages, the Mines Drainage, Robert Creek, and even the Flora Creek drainage. People complain about it being crowded, which may be true, but if you can't find untracked snow you aren't looking very hard...

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Lines within Berthoud Pass

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