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Southeast Russell

The large, imposing, southeast face of Russell holds a handful of fun (if not extremely sketchy) lines. There are three main lines down this magnificent beast.The lookers right starting from ~2/3 of the way up the ridge is a pretty straight forward open gully, pitched in the high 30 degrees this line can slide really big.From the summit there are a few chutes that open up onto the rocky face. There are a couple lines from here with mandatory air or you can cut hard skiers left back towards the top of the first line. The top of this is in the lower 40 degrees and while it doesn’t see slides as large as the lower line a small slide or slough here would almost definitely take you for a ride over cliffs. The lookers left line starts more or less from the summit and follows along the ridge for the top third until it funnels left into a gully with a small to medium sized mandatory cliff. To me this is the most aesthetic line on this face but can see big slides and if you get caught in even a small slough you’re going to get dragged over a cliff…

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