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#2 Gully
#3 Gully
#9 Gully

Shorter shots down to the road just above the Current Creek turnout. Fun sized cliffs when the snow is abundant, […]


The general name given to this area is also the name of the most central and most direct line here. […]

Andy’s Trees

The area downhill of the Aquaduct down to Peter Rabbit. The skiers left side has a couple more open lines […]

Avalanche Gulch
Backside of Mines

Short but steep chutes and gullies. A little bit higher gnar factor than most of what you’ll find around the […]

Bear Claw

A.K.A. “The Baseball Mitt”

Big Bad Wolf

North facing couloir off the summit of Red Peak. For more information and photos check out Stan Wagon’s Webpage.

Big East

The massive east face at the end of the long ridge extending East from Peak Z. 3000 vert of nearly […]

Bobsled Run

Popular skin track into Current Creek and luge run out of Current Creek. Watch for uphill traffic as you come […]

Bobtail Peak

Easy access off the road in the summer, and usually holds snow fairly late in the year. Accessed by Powder […]

Boomerang Couloir
Boot Spur Gully
Butler Gulch
Byers Peak North Bowl

Another awesome objective on Byers Peak, the North Bowl actually has longer sustained steep skiing than the Summit Line does […]

Byers Peak Summit Line

Skiing from the top of the most iconic peak in the Fraser Valley is a rare opportunity. There are a […]

Cape Canaveral

Cliff band above the aqueduct to the skiers right of Flume.

Cathedral Gully
CC Rider

Southwest facing couloir descending from the notch between Peak C and C-Prime. For more information and pictures see Stan Wagon’s […]

Center Gully
Chimney Chute

An impressive looking line visible in the first creek drainage as you drive South over the pass on Highway 40. […]

Cold Fusion Couloir
Continental Divide Trail West

Mellow former ski trail. The main skin track up the west side runs up lookers right of this trail and […]

Corner Pocket

Dropping down into Second Creek from the lookers bottom right corner of The Postage Stamp. Corner Pocket usually fills in […]

Crystal Chute
Current Creek Bench

The obvious lower angle zone between the North Chutes and Current Creek Bowls. General pitch in the mid to upper […]

Current Creek Bowls
Current Creek Cirque

a.k.a. The Ten Little Indians This is the largest, most obvious, bowl with numerous chutes in Current Creek. There are […]

Dave’s Wave

A pretty unique feature, Dave’s Wave, is a cornice that forms each year which runs directly down the fall line. […]

Dead Dog Couloir
Dead Elk Couloir
Dodge’s Drop
Dog Leg
Dog Leg Gully
Dragontail Couloir
East Face/Glacier Route

Technically two separate “lines” but they combine really nicely for a very fun, nearly 3000 vertical foot, run. The “Glacier […]

East Side Runs

Tame, safe, and usually tracked out. A 15-20 minute skin will put you at the top of the old lift […]

Eastside Snowfields
Elvis’s Crotch

The line connecting the upper part of Little Elvis Couloir to the lower part of the Silver Couloir. Heading north from […]

Floral Park

One of the most popular areas of the pass because of the low effort to skiing ratio. A 10 minute […]


The skiers leftmost obvious chute through the area referred to as the 90s and one of the lines that is […]

Flying Dutchman

Access wise there are a few variations here. The most common way to approach is up the TeePee Glacier and […]

Gaffney’s Playground

The cliffs between Rush Chute and Lift Gully. Depending on where and how hard you hit them they range from […]

Gulf of Slides Ski Trail
Hanging Meadow
Hell’s Half Acre

Quick 250 vert shot down to the second switchback on the north side of the pass. Usually has good coverage […]

Hidden Knob
High Trail Cliffs

A.K.A “The Fingers” these 4(ish) chutes are probably the spiciest and most high visibility lines close to the pass. In […]

High Trail Trees

Another good early season or low tide option. Holds snow well because of it’s Northish aspect and the trees prevent […]

High Voltage
Hillman’s Highway
Hoop Creek

500 vert shot down to the second switchback on the south side of the pass. Fun natural features and banks […]

Hourglass Cliffs
Jim’s Glades

Generally considered anything between Telegraph up to the drainage gully past the first switchback on the access road up mines. The […]

Lambs Slide Couloir
Launch Pad

Presumably got it’s name from the numerous fun drops off the aqueduct into this line. Towards the skiers right side […]

Left Gully
Lift Gully

The farthest lookers right line before you get into the Rush Chute cliffs. Also the most open and obvious of […]

Little Elvis Couloir

In my opinion this is the real classic, not the Silver. Steeper, narrower, and more interesting with less approach and […]

Little Red Riding Hood

Huge, open couloir heading Northeast off the East summit of Red Peak. For more information and pictures check out Stan […]

Lobster Claw
Lower 110s

The section of the 110s below the aquaduct. This area has some fun cliffs and a little bit more interesting […]

Lower Snowfield
Main Gully

The most obvious gully in the Gulf of Slides drainage. Following the Gulf of Slides Ski Trail to its end […]


Mainline (a.k.a Great Divide) is the most obvious slope on the west side and often the first area at Berthoud […]

Middle 110s

A Berthoud classic, and for good reason. The wide open SouthEast facing trees on the north side of Current Creek. […]

Mine Dumps

Easy access backcountry laps off Chair 1 at Loveland. Make the 10-20 minute hike to the top of the ridge […]

Mines 1

The skiers right of the two monster slide paths in the Mines drainage. These two slide paths have killed a […]

Mines 2

Skiers left of the two large slide paths in the Mines drainage. This is the bigger and badder of the […]

Mines Peak

Not frequently great because it’s often wind scoured, but if it looks good you can add another 500 or 600 […]

Mines Runout

The gully below the Mines 1 and Mines 2 slide paths is the only viable way out from either of […]

Montgomery Bowl

High effort to quality skiing ratio. A couple miles of skinning up a hiking trail will bring you to the […]

Moonlight Bowl

More of an area than a specific line, I consider this to be everything that runs off the skiers left […]

Mount Oklahoma – North Cirque
Nelson’s Folly
Nitro Chute
No Name

A fun, high visibility line off the summit of No Name. The face due East from the summit of No […]

No Name Bench

The wide, moderately pitched bench following the lower ridge down from No Name. This area often holds decent snow early […]

No Name Cirque
No Name Trees
North Chute
North Chutes

Three (ish) chutes starting right from the false summit of Russell. The skiers rightmost chute is the most often skied […]

Oatmeal Bowl
Perfect Trees

The South facing trees below/between the Postage Stamp and the 110s. Nicely spaced trees protect this area pretty well from […]

Postage Stamp

Relatively short line but high visibility and a consistently steep pitch. A long approach makes this one fairly infrequently skied.

Pumphouse Basin
Right Gully
Robert Creek

Less frequently skied than most lines at the pass. Head up and over like you’re going to ski the very […]

Rock Garden
Rush Chute

Rush Chute is the line skiers left of Lift Gully. The first and only consistently skiable line though the West […]

Russell Basin
Saint Mary’s Glacier

The closest and most accessible year round snow patch to the front range. The savior of people trying to keep […]

Sasha’s Slot

Short but sweet alternate to the lower half of Mainline. Duck into the opening in the trees on the skiers […]

Seven Mile

Best (read: only) way out to the bottom switchback on the North side of the pass if you end up […]

Sherburne Ski Trail
Shit for Brains
Shooting Star Couloir
Shop Chutes

Depending on where you start 250-300 vert down to the second switchback on the north side. Slightly more interesting than […]

Silver Couloir

One of the “50 classics”, this line sees a lot of traffic, and can have good skiing, but the skiing […]

Skyscraper Glacier

A good summer option, you can usually find 400-600 vert of skiable snow into September. A 2.5 mile hike each […]

South Bowl of Stanley
South Chutes

Two prominent south / south-east facing chutes off of Hidden Knoll. Only 300 – 400 vert, but if that doesn’t […]

South Chutes Runout

Low key meadows between the south chutes and the aquaduct. The upper part is usually a decent early season option.

South Paw Couloir
Southeast Russell

The large, imposing, southeast face of Russell holds a handful of fun (if not extremely sketchy) lines. There are three […]

Southwest Chutes
Stanley Cirque
Stanley East Face

a.k.a “The Diamond” The East face of Stanley is a beautiful line that drops from the summit ridge of Stanley […]

Stanley Slidepath
Sun Bowl

Hardly worth mentioning. This south facing “bowl” is where the slope steepens downhill of The Roll and Test Slope. Usually […]

Superstar Couloir
Teacup Bowl

600 vert double fall line run down to the second switchback on the south side. Hike up the access road […]

Terminal Cancer

One of the 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America. This line needs little introduction. The 2400 foot coin slot […]

Test Slope

Short, steeper pitch often used after a run down The Meadows to get back over to the bottom of the […]

The Cemetery

The rocky open area downhill of the lowest point of the aquaduct. Fun pillows in mid winter. Not an attractive […]

The Chute
The Deming Drop

Most obvious line off the North face of Deming. Photos and more information available on Stan Wagon’s Webpage.

The Duchess
The Fairway
The Halfpipe

Easy, and relatively safe, descent option from the top of Hidden Knoll if you don’t want to ski X, Y, […]

The Hourglass
The Icefall
The Ironing Board
The Lip
The Meadows

Access to the north facing lines in Current Creek. Too flat to be much fun, especially in deep snow. Good […]

The Plunge

Skiers right of Lift Gully the Plunge is the other obvious line down the face on the west side. The Plunge […]

The Professor
The Roll

The large open bowl skiers left of the west side cliffs. High twenty to low thirty degree pitch. Can release […]

The Shoulder Of Mines
The Sluice
The Tubes
The Zebra Stripe

Narrowest Couloir descending to the Southeast off the summit of Peak Z. More information and pictures available on Stan Wagon’s […]

Top Secret
Trelease Bowl
Upper 110s

Depending on conditions and where you choose to ski this is either an above treeline snowfield (25-30°) or nicely spaced […]

What Big Eyes You Have

Tight, sustained, North facing chute off the east summit of Red Peak. For more information and pictures check out Stan […]

X Bowls

Two bowls on the lookers right of Y and Z chutes. Slightly lower pitch and more open than Y and […]

Y Chute

The lookers leftmost chute in XYZ chutes on Hidden Knoll. Likely the steepest of these three chutes as well and […]

Z Chute

The middle of the obvious east facing lines off Hidden Knoll. Pitch in the mid 30s, more straight forward than […]