And September Makes Twelve

Monday night (September 30th) we squeaked in a twelfth consecutive month of skiing in Colorado with about three hours to spare. Barring injury (knock on so much wood) the next ten months should be relative gimme’s. At the beginning of the month we decided we didn’t want to do Saint Mary’s two months in a row and we held out until the last possible minute hoping to slide on some man-made goodness. Fortunately for us Loveland and A-Basin began making snow in late September. So to the hills we went, in quest of three-day old refrozen, ungroomed, man-made ice crystals.

There were pictures of snow on the website... Getting Warmer

I swear I saw pictures of snowmaking on the website!

Betsy and Diesel Getting Ready To Do What They Do Best Stoke Factor: 1,000,000

Diesel, Silo, and Betsy back in their element… Man made ice, that is.

Skiing is Skiing We've Gotten Radder...

While we’ve certainly gotten radder on other occasions … we’ve never been more stoked to ski.

We'll Just Wait Here For First Chair

One lap was enough. But we’re definitely first in line for opening day!

For those of you playing along at home, check out the best of the best from each of the last 12 months.

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