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Floral Park

One of the most popular areas of the pass because of the low effort to skiing ratio. A 10 minute hike or skin can yield you a 1000 vert run, with a hitchhike at the bottom necessary to get you back up to the pass. Hike for 5 minutes along the access road until you hit the first switchback (or continue to the third switchback if you’d like) and you will see an obvious skin track/bootpack that continues straight. From here anywhere between a 2 minute and 10 minute hike will put you in a prime position. The farther skiers left you go the steeper and more open it is with some sections getting into the low 40 degrees, but the bulk of it being in the low to mid 30′s. Due to the west-southwest aspect and low elevation this area gets the warm afternoon sun and can turn to crud quickly in the spring. Even though this area is treed, it is not at all uncommon to have slides run through here, so be aware of the avy conditions.