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Not Done Yet – Stay Safe

Set out with a few friends to ski the area I call The Playground in Flora Creek this afternoon. The […]

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The Real (reason I like) Berthoud Pass

To me, this low grade cell phone shot epitomizes what I love about skiing Berthoud. In the background you can […]

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Cold Fusion Trip Report

The book was open to the Utah section for the hundredth time that week. After throwing the idea of skiing […]

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Spring Aspect Treasure Hunt

One of the fun and frustrating things about the Spring is trying to figure out what aspects are going to […]

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Belated Prime Time

We’ve had a lot of good days up at the pass over the last few weeks and I’ve gotten way […]

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Terminal Cancer Trip Report

I might have seen it in a magazine a while ago, but the first time I really looked at a […]

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March Radness

After a weak to mediocre winter March has been delivering so far. As of Friday the 22nd we’re actually only […]

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Too Good

Yesterday was one of those days. Too good to be bothered by anything other than skiing. Too good to stop […]

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Cham – “Wow”

I just returned to the states from a 10 day trip to Chamonix and all I can say is “holy […]

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Rush Chute Slide

I’ve had five days to chill after a couple of inflammatory posts on the TGR forums and have a little […]

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